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  • Cooked and served Inaugural Brunch to the 44th President, Barack Obama, The First Lady, and Vice President Joseph Biden.


  • Prepared food and beverages as part of a team of chefs invited to work at the Kennedy Center Honors Award Program reception.


  • Appointed Regional Executive Chef at the American Diabetes Association.


  • Cooked and served United States Senators & numerous foreign Heads of State at the United States Capitol.


  • Selected by the NBC4, USA9 & CBS to present numerous cooking segments on TV.


  • Selected by USA9 News to present a cooking demo for diabetes, "Putting the Sexy Back into Healthy Eating."


  • In 2012, was the Chef for the Leadership of the Democratic National Convention & Celebrities in Charlotte, NC.


  • Author of the cook book, Healthy Eating: Recipes for a New You! Healthy Eating at its Best!


  • On the National Tour around the Country Promoting Healthy Eating!

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