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Chef Daniel Thomas

Daniel W. Thomas is an acclaimed Chef, Cookbook Author, and Philanthropist. Chef Thomas is a graduate of the World's Premier Culinary College, The Culinary Institute of America. He is a native of Washington, DC and has spent much of his career serving culinary creations at restaurants, hotels and dining rooms inside and around the Beltway to residents, tourists, politicians, entertainers, athletes, celebrities and the President of the United States. Currently, he is Private Chef to Washington D.C.’s power elite, his clients include numerous U.S. Senators and other elected officials, many of whom were introduced to his creative treats when he served as a Head Chef for the United States Senate Executive Dining Room and the Head Banquet & Catering Chef for the United States Capitol.


Chef Daniel’s experiences on Capitol Hill afforded him valuable business expertise. His position at the United States Capitol required him to manage, cook and serve tasteful, healthy meals to Senators while handling their sensitive dietary restrictions.

His Capitol Hill tenure included direct meal planning and preparation for President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden during their visits to the Capitol. As the Head Banquet and Catering Chef, he successfully prepared lunches, dinners, official meals and meetings for international diplomats and foreign heads of states and countries.


One of the highlights of his career was serving with the team of chefs at the Annual Kennedy Center Honors Awards Program. On the day of the 2009 Presidential Inauguration, he had the honor to cook and serve brunch to our nation’s 44th President, Barack Obama, The First Lady, and Vice President Joseph Biden. He has had the honor in cooking for some of the world's most powerful families. He has cooked for the King family, Kennedy family, Reagan Family, Clinton family, Obama family, Dick Gregory family and many more. 


Chef Daniel was the Executive Chef of the Leadership for the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C. where he prepared delectable meals for numerous US Senators and Celebrities. In addition, he focuses on healthy nutrition and serves as Regional Executive Chef for the American Diabetes Association and has partnered with the Department of Health and Human Services, Federal Occupational Health, the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and farmers’ markets on various issues related to health and diet. Chef Daniel is on a national and international tour to promote healthy cooking, healthier eating, healthier living and peace with food. His cook book has received national attention as he participated as a featured author at the Library of Congress 2014 National Book Festival where he performed a standing room only cooking demo & sold out book signing. He was named the first African American Male Chef in history to be a part of the prestigous National Book Festival.


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