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Celebrity Chef, Author & Private Chef

"Serving Culinary Creations To The World's Most Powerful Appetites"

I enjoyed our meeting at Senator Reed’s dinner at the United States Capitol. The evening was a wonderful experience, due in no small part to the delicious food you prepared. I appreciate everything that you and your staff did to make it a tremendous success.

– Norton A. Schwartz, Former Chief of the United States Air Force


Chef Daniel, Thank you for always taking care of me at the Capitol. The food is always great!

– Hillary R. Clinton


Thank you for helping with our lunches! You and your staff always do a great job!

– Lindsey Graham (R), United States Senator


I am struck with Daniel’s professionalism and dedication. He demonstrates great integrity, is conscientious and committed to his profession. His work ethic and ability to understand and adjust to the culinary interests of many senators is outstanding.

– Harry Reid, United States Senator

Daniel,your culinary cuisine is always exquisite. I always enjoy the food that you cook for my colleagues and I. Thank you for always making the Alaskan luncheon a success. Thanks for all you do to keep us healthy & well fed!

– Lisa Murkowski (R) Alaska, United States Senator

Chef Daniel you always continue to keep us going and making sure we have wonderful food at every meeting and luncheon. You have won much praises from my colleagues and I! Keep up the great work!

– Richard G. Lugar (R) Indiana, United States Senator



Thank you Chef Daniel for always keeping me healthy and serving wonderful delicious meals to my colleagues and I in Congress!

-John Lewis,  United States Congressman and Civil Rights Leader

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